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WorkwearOnline.shop is a webshop of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl

General supply conditions individuals
WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl for supply of services

(among other things. within and sale of company clothing, sport clothing, free time clothing and accessories)

WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl established and office concerning at Oudkarspel, the Netherlands


Article 1 definition
1. In these general conditions the following terms in the following meaning are used, unless explicit it has been differently indicated.

WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl: the user of the general conditions;
The consumer: a counterpart who is a natural person and does not act in the exercise of a company or
Agreement: the agreement between user and the consumer;
The consumer buy: the agreement to buy and sale concerning a movable matter, which is closed by a salesman who acts in the exercise of a profession or company, and the consumer, of course person, who does not act in the exercise of a profession or company.


Article 2 general
1. These conditions apply to every offer and agreement between WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl and the consumer on what user has not explained these conditions of application, for up to that point of these conditions  parties explicitly and in writing have deviated.
2. The present conditions apply also on agreements with WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl, for implementation of which third parties must be involved.
3. Possible deviations on these general conditions are validly only if these are explicitly written  corresponded.


Article 3 application
1. These general conditions apply to the exclusion of some other conditions only to all Right relations which result from orders
on the Internet site www.WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl, where WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl as a supplier of products act.
2. By filling in the establishment form on the site www.WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl and/or sending an order by fax, accepts the consumer the general supply conditions of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl and accepts these in addition that these conditions will determine part of the purchase contract between the consumer and WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl.
3. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl have the right these general conditions and modify the contents of the site. In Article 2.2 said purchase contract contains all agreements made between the consumer and WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl and substitutes all more earlier made agreements, regulations and agreements.


Article 4 offers
1. All offers on the Internet site of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are without engagement and occur subject to availability of Article.
2. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl cannot be kept to its offers if the consumer, to terms of plausibility and fairness and in the social movement, had marketable conceptions belong understand that offer or a component of it contains a mistake or slip of  the pen.
3. Offers do not apply automatic to repeat an order.


Article 5 production of the agreement
1. The agreement comes about after by complete and correctly fill in the consumer of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl's online establishment
form to know has given, WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl's offer to accept.
2. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl the order of the consumer online, confirmed by e-mail , by means of order affirmative.
3. The administration of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl is considered, subject to counter-evidence, as proof of by the consumer to WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl supplied tasks and done payments and supplies performed of by WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl recognise that electronic communication can serve as proof. By accepting general conditions of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl also recognise the consumer this.


Article 6 orders/communication
WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are not in absolutely no manner responsible for misunderstandings, damages, delays or clear happening of orders and communications as a result of the use of Internet or only other one communication means in the movement between the consumer and WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl, or between WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl and third parties, as far as are related to the relation between the consumer and WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl.

Article 7 prices/tariffs
All prices that is mentioned on the site of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are in euro and including Dutch VAT (VAT) and other levies by the government and exclusively sending and forwarding-charges, unless differently mentioned or corresponded in writing.


Article 8 supply
1. If Article ordered by the consumer cannot be all on stock supply in phases become carried out. The consumer will be in that
case once forwarding-charges chargeable.
2. Ordered Article on stock then WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are not the consumer in writing within 5 working days to let know when she is able provide Article. Ordered Article becomes just of the creditcard written down as soon as these are sent.
3. If WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl need data of the consumer of implementation of the agreement, the delivery period catches to after the consumer has made these available to user.
4. The period for supply (7 working days the Netherlands and 10 working days the Netherlands) which WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl have been given up, are indicative. A given up delivery period is thus never a fatal period. eventual delivery period the given up delivery period will exceed however never with more than one week, unless there talk is of supremacy.
5. If the consumer exchanges a product within the put conditions for a another product what is on stock, then WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl will send the this next day.


Article 9 guarantee
1. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl guarantee that the matter to provide meets the usual requirements and standards which to that are able be put and free is of whatever lacks.
2. Under 1. called guarantee applies during a period of 1 month after supply. If within this period Article for any reason
whatsoever does not satisfy to the expectations of the consumer, then is possible they he or it Article returns. The consumer can then to choice new Article sent get or the purchase amount of concerning Article returned get.
3. All it possible has been done guarantee that descriptions and the colour specifications correct to be is, also already to colour reproductive can prevent a precise reproduction, a small deviation in effective goods.
4. The too these called guarantee does not apply when the lack has arisen as a consequence of injudicious or improperly use.
5. If a product is returned that to the judgement of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl damage has incurred what at is blame to an operation or failure of the customer or otherwise at the expense of the customer comes, WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl the customer of this knowledge establishes whereupon WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl it for the product paid amount under calculation of the amount of the depreciation of the product as a result of damage 4 weeks to the consumer will return.
6. If the customer receives a another product instead of the ordered product unintentionally, this becomes WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl free of charge announced for initially ordered the product. For that purpose the customer serves 8 working days to get in touch with info@WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl

Article 10 liability
1. If WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl online Store provided Article are poor, is the liability of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl towards the consumer restrict to what in these conditions under guarantees has been regulated.
2. Notwithstanding the above WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are not responsibly if damage is blame to set-up and/or grove debt and/or blame act, or injudicious or improper use of the consumer.

Article 11 damages
1. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl can be kept only responsible for damage which is to its set-up or grove debt to count, or ontstaan is by circumstances which on ground of binding legal rules for its risk to come.
2. Circumstances which do not come be in any case for risk of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl: sickness, and/or transit prohibition, transport problems, not compliance with the undertakings subcontractors, jamming in production, it not or no longer swiftly provide suppliers etc.

Article 12 personal data
1. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl will incorporate the personal details introduced by the consumer in a file. These data will be used for the implementation of the order of the consumer.
2. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl will use the personal details of the consumer for him or its complete on altitude to keep in of new evelopments WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl's online Store. The processing of the data of the consumer will occur in conformity with the appropriate law and legislation.
3. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl attach much value to safely online buying Article. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl thus on absolutely no wise creditcard stores data. This means , however, that consumers for each order creditcard details will have repeat.



WorkwearOnline.shop is a webshop of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl

General supply conditions companies
WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl for supply of services

(among other things. within and sale of company clothing, sport clothing, free time clothing and accessories)

WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl established and office concerning at Oudkarspel, the Netherlands


Article 1 validity of these conditions.
1. These conditions on all agreements has contracted calling WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl hereafter
WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl.
2. The task or order of the constituent is considered as an acceptance of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl is general conditions.
3. Particular of the conditions of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl derogatory provisions is only binding if these written have corresponded.

Article 2 offers.
1. All offers and/or tenders are without engagement, unless explicitly differently mentioned and based on at possible
to request supplied data, drawings, texts etc. These tasks are only binding as far as this explicit it is confirmed in writing, details do not need be supplied.
2. Agreements to performing activities and supplements of these agreements become firstly WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl its written affirmative binding. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl accept none at offer however
responsibility for by or on behalf of the constituent third parties design developed, nor for possible this design given specification of material.

Article 3 agreement.
1. The agreement of buy and sale of goods and implementation of activities becomes firstly binding WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl by its written affirmative.
2. Each agreement contracted with WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl contains the dissolving condition which him of sufficiently credit dignity of the constituent will prove to be, this exclusively too his appraisal. Constituent will permit that
WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl if necessary ask information concerning him, for which information will turn himself WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl to the N.C.M. in Amsterdam.
3. Data concerning the offered as well as data in printed papers, images etc. by WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl at
offer supplies, is for him not binding and is honestly given.

Article 4 appointments.
Appointments or agreements with subordinate members of the staff of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl do not bind  the last, as far as they have not been confirmed WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl in writing. As subordinate staff is in this respect at to consider all employees and employees who have no mandate.

Article 5 prices.
1. All agreements are always concluded on the basis of at the time of locking applying price.
2. If after the agreement the prices of remunerations, social charges, VAT etc. increases undergo, also already
to occur these in pursuance of circumstances too at the offer provided, these will be already charged.
3. If the fluctuation amounts to more than 5% of the agreed operation, has both parties the right for complete setoff to desire.

Article 6 advance payment.
WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl have been entitled ask an advance payment of minimum 25% at contracting the  agreement. If by eligible a shortcoming in the compliance located on the side of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl the agreement becomes has dissolved the constituent the right to repayment of the done advance payment, benevens damages, such as furthermore regulated in these conditions, of which in any case the legal interest the amount paid in advance concerning by him part determines.

Article 7 subcontracting work to third parties.
Constituent authorises WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl the task by him designating third, on by him desired time let carry out.

Article 8 qualities.
1. Unless explicitly particular qualities have corresponded, WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl can be enough with the supply of normal trade qualities.
2. Small deviations in quality, colour, hardness, etc., give no reason to blame to satinage, cross-section. At appraisal or
a supply the admissible borders deviate, must an average from the supply be taken.
3. In implementation of embroider must there by the constituent being taken into account a maximum outburst of
5% of the supplied goods concerning. possibly technical failures in the implementation of production.
4. Subordinate changes (e.g. small model changes) of or to by WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl the by provided Article, give no reason to blame

Article 9 supplies c.q. opleveringstermijnen.
1. Given up (on) delivery deadlines are no fatal periods, unless explicit differently has corresponded. At not swift (on) supply must the constituent put WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl written in lack. (On) the delivery deadlines are determined in the expectation that are there no impending for WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl provide goods or activities to undertake.
2. If a certain date of supply has corresponded, these are extended automatically, if stagnation appears which WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl cannot be blamed, such as strike, exclusion, war, war danger or other particular
circumstances regulated like in Article supremacy.
3. When ordered goods have not decreased, after expiring (on) the delivery deadline by the constituent, stand those goods at its expense and risk too his arrangement stored.
4. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl have the right comply with the agreement in supplies . Each partial supply can become invoiced; in such a case payment must take place in accordance with the provisions in art. Payment.
5. If WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are not able swift are comply with obligations , WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl to the constituent of it immediately do communication under task of the period to expect, with which called
(on) delivery deadline will be exceeded.

Article 10 transport.
The sending occurs in the manner such as by WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl indicated. The constituent wishes a consignment differently to receive, like among other things fast or exprestransfer, then the extra costs have been put through to this for its account.

Article 11 amuses of clothing.
If the constituent commissions to WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl to introduce changes to clothing, these become
task only accepted under the explicit condition, which WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl no liability to the point of
wise accepted of implementation of these activities, unless it is shown by the constituent that here talk is of default from WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl. Except in last mentioned case has constituent not the right for to the point of or concerning these activities annulment of the task at to progress, nor on change, improvement or convalescence of made.

Article 12 convalescence activities.
WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl accept only tasks to performing convalescence activities under explicit condition, which he accepted for the manner of implementation of these activities no liability and that constituent to the point of or concerning these activities no right has to dissolution of the agreement nor on damages nor on change, improvement or convalescence of made unless by the constituent becomes shown, that is here talk of default of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl.

Article 13 half-measure clothing.
At accepting tasks to making of half-measure clothing WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl accepted none liability with respect to half-measure differences, disappointing model or coupe, disappointing character or colour of the substance, as well as with respect to the properties of the substance and everything what coincides with that and such, unless by constituent is shown that here talk is of default of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl. In this way correct called fallen, excluded the default, is not entitled the constituent to dissolution of the agreement nor on damages, improvement or convalescence of made.

Article 14 guarantee.
1. Guarantee and/or by him carried out work provided on by WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl is only granted, if and
as far as in writing agreed and/or in writing WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl given. The guarantee becomes only
granted the matter provided on possible errors and/or failures in the composition of by WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl or in the work carried out by him and stretches itself only from to the free of charge again carry out of inferior matter c.q. free of charge again carry out of inferior work. The guarantee expires if the matter provided by WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl injudicious has been treated and/or processes.
2. For matter sold and provided with factories respectively. importers or wholesale trade guarantee applies only by these
suppliers put guarantee provisions.


Article 15 liability.
1. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are not responsible for the costs, damage and interests which could arise as directly or indirectly consequence of:
a. Supremacy, as it has been defined further in these conditions ;
b. Actions or failures of the constituent, are inferiors, or other persons who by or because of him work having been put;
c. Errors and/or lacks in a design/texts/logo which by the constituent at approval of the design concerned has not been
d. Failures of the constituent the matter provided in the maintenance of;
e. Damages the matter as a result of chemical or biological influences, provided to, from outside;
f.  Normal wear the matter as a result of daily use, provided to;
g. Fading of the provided matter as a result of the effect of lifts;
h. Some other of outside descending cause.
2. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are responsible, as far as its insurance covers this, or to up to the invoice value, for damage to the goods and/or properties of the constituent and/or third parties, as far as arise by debt of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl or of them, which by him work having been put on to him activities dedicated.
3. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl in principle will not be kept to have been suffered companies and/ or consequence damage of a constituent at to compensate for this dependent of the nature of the debt.
4. The constituent protects WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl for all revendications of third parties to the point of violations on their patents, marks or copyright, unlawful action or dis-performance, resulting from dedicated by the counterpart activities.
5. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are not responsible for damage which the consequence is of incompetent use, as it not in eight take of were regulations etc., as well as use of goods for aims for which these are not intended etc. or of an use of  goods that reasonably cannot it expect.
6. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are in absolutely no manner responsible for embroider c.q. printing  which deviate from legal standard.

Article 16 supremacy.
1. Extraordinary circumstances, like among other things storm damage and other natural disasters, obstruction third parties,
obstruction in the transport in general, whole or partial strikes, riot, war or war danger both here at lande such as in the
country of origin of goods, exclusions, loss or damage of goods at transport to WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl or the constituent, not or not swift supply of goods suppliers of  WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl ex and import prohibitions, whole or partial mobilisation, obstructing measures of some government, fire, jammings and accidents in the company or in the resources of transport of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl, or in resources of transport of third parties, imposing levies or other government measures, which a modification in actual circumstances bring with, produce for WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl supremacy, which removes him from its obligation to supply c.q. implementation of work without the constituent independently right to damages of which nature or how also called can enforce.
2. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are in these or such cases entitled, this entirely too his own appraisal for or the purchase contract c.q. agreement to implementation of work at to cancel or these to suspend, respectively modify, until the extraordinary circumstances have stopped to exist, where the constituent is obliged possible achieved something pay.

Article 17 property reservation.
1. as long as WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl no complete payment concerning an agreement of parties concerning the implementation from has received work or from the buy/sale (including possible damage, costs and interest included), to remain the provided goods, property of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl.
2. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl have the right these progress goods and to itself if to take back, the negligent constituent obligations does not comply with, if he settles, postponement of payment requests or has have been obtained, in state of bankruptcy is explained if seizure on goods is laid.
3. All actions of arrangement concerning sold and provided goods, have been prohibited the constituent, as long as he has not
meeied its payment obligations

Article 18 publicity.
1. Quality requirements or one of by providing WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl goods must be explicit corresponded. Small in the trade admissible or avoid technically deviations considered in quality, amount, breadth, colour, finish, half-measure, finishing, normal to consider wear, incompetently use, incorrect using was regulations etc. are able produce no ground for publicities.
2. Constituent has been obliged immediately after (on) the supply of goods inspect thoroughly these on lacks and at presence of it, immediately written WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl to inform. If the constituent not 8 days after the day of the supply indicates WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl on lacks, which could become at thorough research noticed, then constituent is considered with the state in which it has been provided bought agree and expires everyone right to publicity.
3. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl must be put able submitted complaints to check. At agreement written declaration is established which must be signed by both parties.
4. If publicity is to the judgement of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl correct, WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl or fair damages pay to highly the invoice value of provided goods, or provided goods for free replace after consignment of it in the original situation. Replace after consignment of it in the original situation.


Article 19 cancels.
1. If the constituent cancels the task and/or goods refuses purchase, is he obliges by WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl, already then be- or do not process material and raw materials already bought against the costing price,
including remunerations and social charges to adopt and pay and he has been moreover kept towards WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl to compensation of performed complete constituent also to WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl as
indemnity chargeable is the amount of 1/3 of the agreed price. Constituent is in addition obliges WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl to protect against progress of third parties as a result of the annulment of the task and/or negative of goods.
2. Notwithstanding mentioned in the previous member of this Article WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl preserve themselves all rights for for complete compliance with the agreement and/or complete damages to progress.

Article 20 non-performance and dissolution.
1. If the constituent commits in any way non-performance, he will be for that only already in lack without some lacks proposition is required.
2. Notwithstanding the provisions in the Civil Code WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl in case of non-performance have the right it’s from the closed agreement obligation to suspend, the agreement entirely or partly without legal mediation such as dissolved to explain, this too his choice.
3. Rights mentioned in paragraph 2 of this Article WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl have also, if the constituent in state of bankruptcy could be explained if its bankruptcy is requested, if he has suspension of payment requested or has obtained, its immovable property has been confiscated, its company in liquidation has stepped or by a third c.q. third parties are or are taken over, or if he has to planning leave Europe. All these cases all progress WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl constituent has right claims.

Article 21 payment.
1. Payments, also which in periods, must within 14 days after tender of the note, occur unless written differently is   corresponded.
2. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl are authorized if the payment of chargeable within the set period by him is not to receive, to the constituent an interest ad. 1.25% per month to calculate, counted as from the day of sending of the invoices.
3. WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl have been in addition entitled, outside the principal sum and interest of the constituent all costs, both judicial as outside judicial, the payment does not cause to progress, among which understood the costs of lawyer, solicitor, matter observer, Court bailiff and incasso office.
4. Outside judicial the costs amount to 15% of the principal sum multiplied with the interest, with minimum of a´ €. 35.00. Also outside judicial the costs are raised with all costs for legal recommendation and assistance. From some the fact that WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl has insured himself of the aid of a third proves to be the size and to payment of outside judicial the costs.

Article 22 disputes.
All disputes resulting from between parties agreements closed, including some covering of chargeable, for the civil judge of the place of business of WomenswearOnline.nl / MenswearOnline.nl, if these this wishes, pending are made as far as the civil judge is to this end legally competent.

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